I Don’t Normally Read Serious Fanfiction… But When I Do I Don’t Regret It

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July (if you celebrate it). I must admit, unfortunately, I’m don’t read a lot of fanfiction, especially fanfiction that deals with awkwardly shipping two characters that will never come to be. And if I happen to come across one dealing with shipping, they’re usually very corny, the characters are ridiculously out-of-character and… for a lack of a better phrase… they’re very crude. But one evening I felt like reading a fanfiction dealing with the Avengers and Captain America and I randomly came across one entitled, Slow Work by an author named, Lorata. It shipped Captain America and James “Bucky” Barnes (aka: The Winter Soldier). I immediately was like, “Ugh! Oh God! Some fan’s wet dream!” But I read the author’s description and her preface and decided to keep an open mind and give it a chance. I was immediately blown away. It was a VERY well-written fanfiction that was more about self-discovery. Yeah, there were some lovey-dovey moments but it was done carefully as to not distract from character development. The author clearly did some really good research and handled everything (from dealing with Bucky’s mental instability to turning Captain America into a gay icon) carefully and so tastefully that I was practically convinced! I was saying, “Whoa! I can almost see this happening!” It was really well done! I just thought I should share my thoughts because I follow some people here on Tumblr who loved Captain America: The Winter Soldier, especially the actor who portrays Bucky. The story is written sometime after the events from the first Avengers movie. The story is also written way before the Winter Soldier movie came into theaters so it ignores that movie completely, but that’s alright. I’d recommend the fanfiction! Again it’s called “Slow Work” by Lorata. It has 12 LONG chapters and it’s completed but it’s worth the read if you have time, give it a read! :-) And sorry for the tl;dr.

I’m sorry, I haven’t posted on Tumblr in a while. I just wanted to ask a typography question. Is it just me, but has the typeface, Bank Gothic been showing up A LOT in sci-fi/action/fantasy movies lately over the past couple of years? It’s almost becoming a default typeface for science fiction movies. Not that that’s a bad thing. There’s plenty of “good” typefaces that are overused (*cough, cough, Helvetica*). It’s just curious. Maybe I watch too many action movies to begin with. :-)


Conceited vs. Confidence



  • “I look better than you.”
  • “I’m the most beautiful person in the world.”
  • “No one can compare to me.”
  • “You should look more like me.”
  • “I’m perfect.”


  • “I look good today.”
  • “I’m not ugly.”
  • “I like myself.”
  • “Have to admit, I am cute.”
  • “I’m beautiful the way I am.”

Just some examples of the difference between being conceited and being confident. Get that shit straight.

I can definitely learn something from this. :-)